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EYELINE is a well known by industry insiders to be a leading golf training tool supplier.  They are constantly coming up with new ways & tools to better a golfer's game with proven technologies, simple to use and tour pro proven before release to the public. In this regard they developed a Putting Elements certification with an instructor toolkit, that you may have seen me use from time to time.
Now we have combined the most common putting issues into a single 2 hour session where golfers can use all the tools and get private coaching to improve the "Game within the Game". Find out how to beat the most common putting issues, including:

  • SETUP - Rest, Rock & Roll consistent putting setup technique
  • PATH - Proper line of putt to hit targets at the right speed every time
  • IMPACT - Sweet Spot contact & ball position for best roll ever
  • SPEED - Distance control to match the perfect putting speed
  • BONUS - Side hill Green Reading technique to tap-into the cup

Held twice a month, On Sundays from 12 noon to 2 PM for $175, you will access to the latest technologies of EYELINE putting tools to find what your doing in your putting stroke & get the techniques and feel for Your Personal Unique Best Putting Technique.  You will walk away with the Personal Practice Plan to provide you a path to lower scores via Fewer Putts. Plus you get a Pocket Takeaway Guide on all the putting skills for your future practice. EYELINE Putting Clinic is held twice a month.  

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