Flightscope Optimize Driver - 60-minutes

Our Price: $90.00


Flightscope training uses golf doppler radar for instant feedback from each golf club swing & ball flight for over 20 statistics per shot.  You learn the Key Club Path, Face Angle and Angle of Attack on the ballat impact, as well  as swing speeds, backspin rates, distances and many more.  In Driver Optimization you learn the Launch Angles, Ball Flights, Distances, and Carry & Roll end distance to a target.  The beauty of this is that the results are based on Your Unique Swing and flexibility, USING YOUR EXISTING EQUIPMENT!

Flightscope Driver Optimization measures your ball flight patterns from a number of driver shots to produce results of distance & dispersion for each shot.  Then when we cleanse the results and use the OPTIMIZING TOOL to see how to get the Most out of your driver.  With this YOU HIT THE FAIRWAY & GET INTO PLAY EVERY TIME YOU TEE OFF.  This is THE Most Efficient method towards being a great golfer FAST & EASY. 

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